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С новым счастьем!!!

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Грядущий сингл - "Sing"


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The Only Hope For Me Is You + ...


12 октября 2010 песня станет доступна для покупки на www.amazon.com

и вот еще такие штуки:

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official album cover

craft me a river
На официальном сайте MCR выложили обложку будущего альбома.


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Трек-лист нового альбома

craft me a river
В посте на официальном сайте Фрэнк подтвердил, что альбом выйдет 22 ноября и вывесил трек-лист.

1. Look Alive, Sunshine
2. Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
3. Bulletproof Heart
5. Planetary (GO!)
6. The Only Hope For Me is You
7. Jet-Star and the Kobra Kid/Traffic Report
8. Party Poison
9. Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back
10. S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W
11. Summertime
13. The Kids From Yesterday
14. Goodnite, Dr. Death
15. Vampire Money

собственно, пост Фрэнка.

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craft me a river
14 сентября на сайте warner была выложена информация о первом сингле с нового альбома. название сингла - 'Bulletproof Heart', дата выхода - 28 сентября.

[фуллсайз по клику]


[фуллсайз по клику]

p.s. на всякий случай тэг rumors, потому что инфа с жж и вполне может оказаться неточной. хотя, раз говорят, что взяли с warner'а, то i want to believe (:

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heavenly junkie
craft me a river
По информации с сайта HMV.com новый альбом My Chemical Romance будет называться Danger Days: True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys. Выход альбома намечается на 22 ноября.
источник: Kerrang!

и вдогонку: скан из Rolling Stone

источник: tumblr.com

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О новых песнях

Как сообщают на Music-Mix.ew.com, новая песня My Chemical Romance"Na Na Na” появится в сборнике расширенной версии игры The Sims 3 Late Night, которая выходит 26 октября в Северной Америке и 30 октября в Европе. Доступна для заказа на Amazon.com.

Вэнди Роллинс, которая работает на радио Филадельфии 104.4, прослушала новые треки MCR "Na Na Na” and "Sing”. Согласно ее Твиттеру, "Na Na Na” напоминает кемов эпохи Revenge, а "Sing” - Black Parade. Она уверена, что нам они понравятся. По ее предположениям новый альбом будет доступен не более, чем через 2 недели.


P.S. На официальном сайте новый дизайн.

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Новые футболки


P.S. спасибо .kami за новости)

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heavenly junkie
craft me a river

Когда фанат (@mourning_woLf_6) спросил в твиттере, должно ли что-то произойти, ответом ему от официального твиттер-аккаунта My Chemical Romance было "да". Посмотрим, что же будет дальше...

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Сегодня, 9 апреля 2010, Джерарду исполняется 33 года!!! Красивая дата)) Так давайте пожелаем ему оставаться таким же талантливым, умным, красивым, непосредственным, вечно молодым и еще долго-долго радовать нас своим творчеством!! И выпустить наконец альбом В общем, всех фанатов и поклонников с праздником!!!

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30.03.2010 вышел альбом группы Evelyn Evelyn - "Evelyn Evelyn". Джерард Уэй принял участие в записи песни "My Space". Качаем альбом тут или тут.

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Blog Post: Mikey

I don’t have any answers and I stole the questions from someone else

Guess who's joining the MCR family?

kennelm chillingly
New blog from Frank, 3/17/10

"Hello Friends,

Are you finally ready for some good news? Let me hear you say, "Eh, OK but make it quick".

3 хорошие новости + источник + перевод

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One chapter ends and another begins...

I don’t have any answers and I stole the questions from someone else
Hello Friends,

Recently it seems as though every time we write to you guys we have bad news, and we apologize for that, but we've learned in life you can't have the sweet without the sour. As a band we have been very fortunate over the years that our sweet times have greatly outweighed the sour ones, and a great deal of that is owed to you, the fans. Which is why we wanted this news to come from us and not some bullshit gossip site.

As of 4 weeks ago, My Chemical Romance and Bob Bryar parted ways. This was a painful decision for all of us to make and was not taken lightly. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and expect you all to do the same.

We also wanted to give you all a quick heads up on how the record is progressing. We have been writing some very powerful new songs so this week the four of us entered the studio once again, and what has been ending up on tape each night is some of the most exciting and honest work we have ever created.

We hope this letter finds you well, we miss you...
talk to you soon,
xo MCR


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I don’t have any answers and I stole the questions from someone else

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Bob Bryar's interview to Paragon

I don’t have any answers and I stole the questions from someone else
[Bob Bryar discusses the upcoming album]


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Stripped Down, Cranked Up: My Chemical Romance Return

I don’t have any answers and I stole the questions from someone else

I don’t have any answers and I stole the questions from someone else

Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back
Sounds Like: Down'n'dirty rock'n'roll collides with stadium rock, with big, emotive My Chemical Romance chorus that makes you want to jump up and down in a sea of thousands of other people.
Stand-out lyrics:
You can leave this world, live it all behind
We can steal this car if your folks don't mind
We can live forever if you've got the time...

Still Alive
Sounds Like: A bouncy and playful romp - complete with all-girl gang vocals - about the hazards of playing the Reading and Leeds festivals. Gerard wrote this anthem from the perspective of a teenager getting ready to throw a bottle of piss. Tasty!
Stand-out lyrics:
We came here to rough up everyone we see
Get off the stage and ask yourself "Am I still alive?"

Death For Disco
Sound Like: A thumping great ode to the pleasure of raucous rock'n'roll hedonism with an unabashedly pop chorus.
Stand-out lyrics:
'Cos all the good times, they give you cancer...

Trans Am
Sound Like: Huge melodies and epic songwriting intermingle to create a glorious runway teen riot
Stand-out lyrics:
Gravity don't mean too much to me
Is this our destiny
This world is after me

Kerrang Scans
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Ray reveals song titles \o/

I don’t have any answers and I stole the questions from someone else

Mixing with our good buddy Rich Costey is going great. So far, he's mixed 9 songs, and they all sound fucking stellar. He had an interesting process where he started out mixing some of the looser songs first, and then ramped up to the denser stuff. Our goal in mixing is to make it loud, and then make it louder then that. "Still Alive" was an early one, and he brought a real heaviness and aggressiveness to that song. Song is very drum and bass oriented, very different for us, but still rocks at the same time. A bit of Queen influenced guitar harmonies helps on that song.

"Save Yourself" was another early one, a mix of Judas Priest metal and 80's arena rock. That song went through a lot of different permutations, and finally we settled on this vibe that took us to new territory. We then got into a song called "The Only Hope For Me Is You," and that's where things really starting clicking with Rich. What was great was each song would just sound better and bigger than the last. As some of you had guessed from a twitter thing of mine (I refuse to call it a tweet), David Campbell did a bit of work on the record, and that's one of the songs he arranged for. Costey did this crazy effect with the strings going into the last chorus that blew me away. One of my favorite tracks.

"Trans Am" and "Death Before Disco" came next. "Disco" you may have heard at the Roxy shows or from Youtube videos of Summersonic. So happy with the way that mix turned out. I have to drive REALLY FAST when I listen to it. I think that's a hallmark of a great rock song. "Trans Am" is an epic take on "Born To Run" in 4 minutes. When we wrote this song, it was HUGE for us. Really opened our hearts and ears during the writing process. Frank, thanks for noodling and G, good ear to make a song out of it. You guys will love this song. Another favorite. Looking forward to more mixes, we got coming up "Kiss The Ring," which we also played at Roxy. I really can't wait for "Black Dragon Fighting Society," our ode to Misfits punk. Song kinda shreds!

Mixing is a great thing. The ideas continue to flow, and like they say, writing is never done.
FYI any of the song titles mentioned are still tentative, you know how we like to change things up!!!


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My Chemical Romance