Gerard Way names writer for Umbrella Academy movie

I don’t have any answers and I stole the questions from someone else

A superhero film sсript is in the works

Gerard Way has named the screenwriter linked to the movie of his comic series 'The Umbrella Academy'.
As previously reported, Universal Pictures have fast-tracked a big screen adaptation of the My Chemical Romance star's award-winning superhero comic.
Now, speaking to Collider, Way has revealed the man who is set to pen the sсript: He said: "There's a screenwriter, a great screenwriter named Mark Bomback - and he is the guy we'd love to do it."
Bomback's previous credits include 'Live Free Or Die Hard' (released as 'Die Hard 4.0' in the UK) as well as 'Deception' and the forthcoming 'Return To Witch Mountain'.
Way himself has always maintained he does not want to write the movie himself.
"I didn’t want to because I felt like writing the comic was enough. To me, it's done. I don't want to write it again," he explained, though stated he remains close to the project.
"I've been in every meeting, I helped pick the screenwriter, I went through all that stuff," he added. "I've literally been there the whole time. [But in the end] I want it to be the director’s vision."

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I don’t have any answers and I stole the questions from someone else

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Mikey, Frank and Gerard @ Watchmen Premiere

I don’t have any answers and I stole the questions from someone else

Же мапэль Обраньяк
The making of Desolation Row.

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Же мапэль Обраньяк
My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has exclusively revealed to Kerrang! that he’s in talks with Universal about turning his graphic novel series The Umbrella Academy into a film.

“There’s been a lot of progress on it,” Way tells K!. “Things in Hollywood move slow typically, but the comic was optioned as a film right before the San Diego Comic Convention last July. As soon as I got home from that I started meeting people at Universal and the film got fast-tracked and so recently I’ve been in talking to them about three times a week, first talking about the tone the film might have and then talking about screen writers who are going to work very closely with me when it comes time to do the film.”

As creator of The Umbrella Academy, Way has also hinted that directing is something he’d like to turn his hand to in the future.

“Directing is something I’d be really interested in,” he says. “People ask me if I would act, but acting to me is not nearly as exciting as directing would be. When I was talking to [video director] Mark Webb about the Ghost Of You video I was talking about the idea and I broke it down into shots and he’d said ‘You should really consider making your own videos eventually’. And I think that making videos would be fun and easy, but I’d definitely be interested in directing features. After this record cycle I’d be really interested in trying something like that.”

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Же мапэль Обраньяк
На этой неделе My Chemical Romance вернутся в студию, чтобы начать работу над своим четвёртым альбом.

Интервью Джерарда BBC.

мой вольный перевод слов Джерарда после двух пар немецкого

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Же мапэль Обраньяк
1. My Chemical Romance - Desolation Row (official video directed by Zack Snyder)
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.avi sendspace

2. Desolation Row ScreenCaps

upd за ночь видео удалили, здесь новые ссылки. пока работают))
запись создана: 30.01.2009 в 23:33

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Же мапэль Обраньяк
К слову, МайКемы радуют нас не только новой песней и клипом, но и новыми интервью:

Джерард на Radio 1

Рэй на XFM


Desolation Row (Preview)

craft me a river
30 seconds of new video

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new song!

craft me a river
My Chemical Romance - Desolation Row - >>>ЗДЕСЬ<<<
ссылка поправлена, работает

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Глаза у меня добрые, а рубашка смирительная...
Джерард озвучил рождественский мульт X-Mess Detritus.
Мультик - жесть.. Но голос Джи.. мммммм..
Скачать можна здесь

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Солист My Chemical Romance Gerard Way станет отцом


Музыкант сообщил прессе, что он невероятно взволнован, так как вскоре у него родится первенец. Представитель Джерарда и его супруги, участницы группы Mindless Self Indulgence Линдсей заявил, что первый ребенок рок-пары родится в начале лета 2009 года.
Напомним, что супруги поженились в сентябре 2007 года за кулисами после концерта My Chemical Romance в Денвере.


Gerard Way at Scream Awards

I don’t have any answers and I stole the questions from someone else

Gee and His Hero

more here

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Двойняшки! )))
Вот решила показать вам фотки двух людей, которые, как мне думается, очень похожи на Джи и Френки )))
Обе фотки взяты из «контакта». Все права принадлежат их авторам. - (с.) не претендую.

Ну как вам?

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Стильняшка Джи xDDDD

Dear Tyler Hoechlin, your sweaty shirtless torso means the world to me. (c)

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на жж как-то выкладывались ссылки на аудио/видео с двд TBID, у кого-нибудь они сохранились? с сообщества запись удалили =//

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моя любимая группа....=))

Everything I enjoy is illegal, immoral or fattening...)

вопрос к тем, кто скачал sva lecture Джерарда (http://mychemicalfreak.com/2008/06/24/download-link-sva-lecture/) кто-нибудь может залить это на айфолдер? или куда-нибудь где обычно нет проблем со скачиванием... :beg:

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boss ass witch


i won't break your heart-shaped glasses.
мм, вот, 3 свежих обоих с Джером)) *типа творческий порыв и все такое xD*


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My Chemical Romance